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Exterior view of our model Brauer Living Pods

Brauer Living Pods
Introductory Video

View each room and feature of our furnished model living pods.

Vertical Videos of our Furnished Model Brauer Living Pods

Your new home is closer than ever

Unlock the possibilities today. Brauer Living Pods are designed for first-time home buyers and as in-law/studio suites. They’re also perfectly sized as garden suites and laneway houses.

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Brauer Living Pods are designed with your year-round comfort in mind

Your sanctuary ignites your creative spirit and nurtures your thirst for knowledge.

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Delight your friends with a meal that's truly yours

— straight from the garden to your plate. Enjoy the farm-to-table journey with your fresh garden box and fully-equipped kitchen, making every meal an unforgettable event.

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Awaken to the safe and comfortable embrace of your new home

— savour your mornings with each soothing sip. One-button smart home systems are available with your Brauer Living Pod. Experience the future of living! Visit our fully furnished model Living Pods in Belleville, Ontario. Book a tour at (link in bio)

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Make every day a vacation day

Brauer Living Pods are designed with your comfort in mind.

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Home is where your friends are

Perfect for dinner parties, movie nights, and holiday celebrations. Experience the future of living! Visit our fully furnished model Living Pods in Belleville, Ontario.

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See what people are saying

“I am extremely pleased with the Brauer Living Pods. The affordability and comfort they offer is unmatched. It was the perfect solution for our multi-generational property expansion. Highly recommend!”
Ervin Howell, VP Product, Deckow-Crist


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Brauer Living Pods is a leading provider of affordable, comfortable, and sustainable housing solutions. Our pods are designed to meet the needs of various customers, including first-time home buyers, property owners looking to expand, and businesses in need of staff accommodation. With our furnished models located in Belleville, Ontario, customers can experience the quality and comfort of our living pods firsthand. We are committed to providing innovative and environmentally-friendly housing options that are both practical and stylish. Choose Brauer Living Pods for your housing needs and experience the difference today.

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